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 Health Providers

We Specialize in Care

At 365|Health & Wellness, we work to improve the practices of providers and the lives of their patients. Throughout the continental United States the public outcry for comprehensive healthcare solutions has become critical. This is delivered by various provider continued education programs, certifications, licensing, credentialing and various regulatory and reporting solutions within your community.


365|Health & Wellness was founded on the premise of helping providers grow their business practice in providing opportunities of the highest professional level. Offering continued education courses including personal ecology, certifications, professional and business mentoring, compliance installations, and ancillary support services. All of this to truly ensure efficiency for providers and the ease of access while delivering improved care for your clients and patients. 


With improved care, introduces the opportunity for providers to manage additional revenue streams pertaining to their practice. In addition to addressing critical diseases, we offer a full panel of products, services and devices with great clinical benefit and deliver the respective financial benefits needed to grow and manage your practice.

Online Virtual Training Certificate Program

Live Online Training has become a standard for learning all over the world. Virtual classrooms enable learning and development to be delivered anytime, anywhere. This 2-session training solution helps you identify, develop, and practice the necessary skills to become today's top health professional. The certificate also addresses what is required to be properly prepared to deliver today's health products and services. 


  • Receive a Providers Guidebook and the Lifestyle Solutions Guidebook 

  • Receive all necessary care forms, as well as provider forms

  • Access the networked top providers in the health industry


Those who desire to build the skillsets necessary to design and deliver the very best health solutions in the world.  

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