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This years Empower Series enrollment begins February 6, 2023 and closes on February 24, 2023.

Empower Series Launch Date is February 18th!



• Rehabilitation & Sports Performance Specialist

• 2x Certified Master Trainer

• Certified Advanced Personal Trainer (NESTA)

• Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA)

• Personal Fitness Trainer (NASM)

• Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (PGA-Global)

• SME, Integrated Health & Education Infrastructure

• Texas, Advanced Mediator & Advanced Arbitrator


Empower enlightens, educates, and employs strategies that enable you to succeed at your desired health and life goals. Guiding you through all components of optimal Lifestyle Solutions while illustrating all the ways to seek and track your success makes Empower one of the BEST results driven solutions in existence. No matter what your health or life goals are, EMPOWER aligns your resources, your talents, and the very best strategies to achieving your goals.


How Does the EMPOWER Series Work?

The Empower Series provides individual, group, telephonic, and online solutions with a Professional Health Counselor(s) (PHC) delivering mental-behavioral health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and Lifestyle Solutions that include education and skill-building activities to expand all areas of capability, confidence, and performance.


What Does the EMPOWER Series Accomplish?

Employing evidence-based solutions, the EMPOWER Series engages you to increase mental capacity to focus, balance your nutrition habits, improve neuromuscular facilitation, increase in lean muscle and reduce body fat. Ongoing personal health management and self-maintenance programs under the guidance of a PHC (or registered dietitian, exercise specialist, mental-behavioral health, physician, nurse, etc.) will continuously help you to achieve your very realistic goals!


Empower Launch Expo - February 18, 2023

Empower & Coaching, week 1 - February 25, 2023

Empower & Coaching, week 2 - March 4, 2023

Empower & Coaching, week 3 - March 11, 2023

Empower & Coaching, week 4 - March 18, 2023

Empower & Coaching, week 5 - March 25, 2023

Empower & Coaching, week 6 - April 1, 2023

Empower & Coaching, week 7 - April 8, 2023

Empower & Coaching, week 8 - April 15, 2023

Empower Closing Celebrations - April 22, 2023

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